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Slim Fit Cargos and POCKETS!

This cargo pants sewing pattern is all about the pockets! The slim-fit design is both stylish and practical, and will teach you a few new techniques while sewing up some super trendy trousers.

ME: *looking through a telescope* “WOW, Universe! You’re so beautiful!” UNIVERSE: *placing hands inside black holes* “Thanks; I have pockets!”   Pockets are important. We need pockets for all the things, especially when we just don’t feel like carting a big ol’ bag around. And for the kidlets to store their treasures. This cargo pants […]

CAUTION: Curves Ahead! ?

Calling all curvy ladies! Sewing for curves might be daunting, but if you take the time and follow all the fit tips, it is sew worth the effort in the end!

Calling All Curvy Ladies! Fitting and sewing for curves can be a frustrating, complicated process.  Sometimes we see cute stuff on people and wonder if we can make it work for us.  This wonder can be discouraging when sewing means you have to go to a lot of effort to try it out.  But, if […]

10 Reasons to Subscribe

Find out exactly why you should sign up for the Rebecca Page sewing subscription by reading on. Just the top ten reasons will be enough to convince you!

Subscriptions are everywhere! The ones we all know are mostly newspapers and magazines, plus now beauty boxes, fitness boxes, and other cool stuff (hello pet food, I’m looking at you). And then… patterns. Sewing patterns to be exact. YES! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a sewing subscription. A subscription of […]

Subscriber Exclusive Pattern | The Strappy Cami

This iconic spaghetti strap cami has been designed for layering but can also be worn on its own, during all seasons of life (and weather).

You’ve been busy at your sewing machine, whipping up all these magnificent blouses and dresses and now you NEED a cami for layering underneath, right? Well… no need to go rushing off to the store to try find one that matches your new sew AND fits perfectly. With this ladies’ camisole sewing pattern, we’ve got […]