The You.Make. Story


The You.Make. story begins…

When this company first started designing patterns, it was with the dream that anyone, anywhere would be able to make anything they could imagine.

This started off as incredibly detailed instructions that anyone from beginner through to advanced could follow… if you can sew in a straight line and around a curve, then with the right instructions you can make anything (from a headband to a wedding dress!). We started early in the PDF sewing world. Anyone with access to a printer could make our patterns!

Then as we went on we saw the lack of size inclusivity in the industry. There were some amazing designers creating awesome size charts but we wanted to go above and beyond, so we joined them in celebrating Curvy and doubled our size range.

But the one thing that no one was addressing was the lack of usability in PDFs.

For some people they work amazingly. But for others, they are an absolute pain. Sucking the joy out of what should be creative, inspiring me-time.

It broke our hearts that this wonderful industry wasn’t benefiting from the awesome tech solutions that other industries out there get.

So, always working to stay in front of your needs, and making crafting as fun and creative as possible, we came up with our own solution!

Now we added the You.Make.Now platform.

This is a world first. Revolutionary technology for the sewing and crafting industry. It’s taken us years to develop and we are so excited to let you loose on it so you can enjoy the freedom of sewing your way, on your own schedule.

The entire team is SO excited you’re here, exploring our patterns and membership and sharing all the beautiful things you make.

Happy making,