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Easter Pattern Picks for the Whole Family

Spring is in the air. The birds are chirping, the trees are budding, and the temperatures are rising. Winter coats are replaced by cardigans, thick winter sweaters are packed away and replaced with light spring dresses, and dark colors are swapped for bright cheery hues. Spring has so much to offer and sewing and fashion […]

A Weighty Issue…

Keep your patterns firmly in place when cutting out your fabric for those gorgeous sews with this easy to make pattern weights sewing pattern

It has been my experience that pinned patterns tend to slide about from time to time, and don’t always have the cleanest cutting results. Full disclosure, I am a beginner on this sewing journey and will get better at the pinning. BUT I have found pattern weights to be a much more successful tool to […]

Dragon or Dinosaur?

Travel back to the Land Before Time and go on a pre-historic adventure with this insanely cute dinosaur pillow sewing pattern.

It’s time to travel back to the Land Before Time and go on a pre-historic adventure! Or explore the mythical and magical world of dragons, and train yours to do a bunch of tricks! This insanely cute dinosaur pillow sewing pattern is here for the fun. Let your imagination fly through the enchanted skies, and […]

Sprinkle Magic Everywhere Like it’s Confetti!

Every room in every home needs a touch of wonder! This unicorn pillow sewing pattern will sprinkle magic everywhere like it’s confetti! Let your imagination loose with all the beautiful trims, fabrics scraps, ribbons, and bedazzle you can get your hands on. All the extra details will transform this pillow into pure delight. This pillow […]