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The 2021 Crochet Summit is over, but you can still get your VIP Pass now

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Granny Square


Quick and Easy Winter Hat

The Summit Begins in…


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“Thank you for organizing and hosting this great summit. I’m very happy that I purchased the VIP Pass. I often re-watch each of the classes.”

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MONDAY, April 5th
  1. Introduction to Crocheting by Eileen Troemel
  2. The Holbourne Mitts – How to Crochet Fingerless Mittens by Hannah Cross
  3. ‘Sierra’ Front-Tie Crochet Bralette Tutorial by Candace Jefferson
  4. Gorgeous Gathered Wrap by Sonja Hood
  5. Beginners Crochet for Lefties by Megan Meyer
  6. Baby Jade Plant by Nicole Mansfield
  7. Modern Ripple Blanket by AnneMarie Defayette
  8. Crocheting Pet Accessories + Cat Hat Tutorial by Rebecca Davis
TUESDAY, April 6th
  1. Advanced Stitches by Randie Dodman
  2. Shell Stitch & Chevron Stitch Tutorial by Emily Johnson
  3. Avocado Cat by Wendy Smalley
  4. Monty the Sloth Crochet-A-Long (Part 1) by Sarah Prather
  5. Learn to Mosaic Crochet with the Gothic Skulls Pattern by Alexis Sixel
  6. Hookers Unite! Make a Customizable “Hooker” Pillow by Callie Hawley
  7. Dream Big Little One – Baby Mobile by Clotilde Dhenaut
  8. Comfy Slippers for Men by Emilie Bolduc
WEDNESDAY, april 7th
  1. Cute Whale Amigurumi Crochet Tutorial by Joy Pham Sontakke
  2. Granny Square Zippy Pouch by Katy McKinley
  3. Beginner Tunisian Crochet Course featuring the Caia Cardigan by Kristine Mullen
  4. Dinosaur Amigurumi Triceratops by Petra Konijn
  5. Monty the Sloth Crochet-A-Long (Part 2) by Sarah Prather
  6. No-Sew Caterpillar by Lexi Bell
  7. Willow the Bunny Lovey Crochet Along by Shehla Ahmed
  8. Sweet Striped Cat Amigurumi Pattern by Lisa Chayka
THURSDAY, April 8th
  1. How to Make a Donkey Plush Toy with Bernat Blanket Yarn by Lisa Ferrel
  2. Hat Cowl Neck Warmer by Aki
  3. Woodland Lace Cowl by Sarah Twig Berry
  4. Little Aqua Girl: Posy The Fairy (Part 1) by Erinna Lee
  5. How To Make A Cable Mini Skirt by Anitah Nairuku
  6. How to Crochet a French Bulldog by Anna Sytnikova
  7. Delphyne the Duckling by Claire Gobineau
  8. How to Make a Drawstring Bag (Graphgan Optional) by Dee Taylor
FRIDAY, April 9th
  1. Triangle Shawl by Emilia Johansson
  2. Little Aqua Girl: Posy The Fairy (Part 2) by Erinna Lee
  3. Stitch Together Sampler Scarf by Deja Joy
  4. Yabba Dabba Doo! Make a Mini Brontosaurus by Carolyne Brodie
  5. Cold Brew/Hot Coffee Cozy by Miranda Heslop
  6. Cabled Ear Warmer by Stacey Garrett
  7. Exciting Class Coming Soon!
  8. Exciting Class Coming Soon!

Only $59 for a Year! That’s Only $1.50 Per Class!

Plus, Get 19 Downloadable PDF Crochet Patterns

  1. “Learn to Mosaic Crochet with the Gothic Skulls Pattern” by Alexis Sixel
  2. “How To Make A Cable Mini Skirt” by Anitah Nairuku
  3. Modern Ripple Blanket” by AnneMarie Defayette
  4. “Hookers Unite! Make A Customizable “Hooker” Pillow” by Callie Hawley
  5. ‘Sierra’ Front-Tie Crochet Bralette Tutorial” by Candace Jefferson
  6. Delphyne The Duckling” by Claire Gobineau
  7. How to Make a Drawstring Bag (Graphgan Optional)” by Dee Taylor
  8. Triangle Shawl Crochet-Along” by Emilia Johansson
  9. “Comfy Slippers for Men” by Emilie Bolduc
  10. Little Aqua Girl: Posy The Fairy” by Erinna Lee
  11. Cute Whale Amigurumi Crochet Tutorial” by Joy Pham Sontakke
  12. No-Sew Caterpillar” by Lexi Bell
  13. Sweet Striped Cat Amigurumi Pattern” by Lisa Chayka
  14. How To Make A Donkey Plush Toy With Bernat Blanket Yarn” by Lisa Ferrel
  15. Beginners Crochet for Lefties” by Megan Meyer
  16. Baby Jade Plant” by Nicole Mansfield
  17. Crocheting Pet Accessories + Cat Hat Tutorial” by Rebecca Davis
  18. Monty the Sloth Crochet-A-Long” by Sarah Prather
  19. Avocado Cat” by Wendy Smalley

Over $1,000 in value

Just $59!


Learn From Over 40 World Class Instructors

Alexis Sixel
Sixel Design

Anitah Nairuku
Nitah Crochets

Anna Sytnikova

AnneMarie Defayette
Teach Crochet Repeat

Callie Hawley
Crochet It Ain't So

Candace Jefferson

Carolyne Brodie
Sweet Oddity Art

Claire Gobineau
Little Mouse Crochet

Clotilde Dhenaut
Octopus Crochet

Dee Taylor

Deja Joy
Knit and Crochet Ever After

Eileen Troemel
Designing Dragons

Emilia Johansson
Coffee and Crocheting

Emilie Bolduc

Emily Johnson
Green Mountain Crochet

Erinna Lee
The Little Hook Crochet

Hannah Cross
HanJan Crochet

Joy Pham Sontakke
Anvi's Granny Handicrafts

Katy McKinley
Wild + Wanderful

Kristine Mullen
Ambassador Crochet

Lexi Bell
Crocheting Ace

Lisa Chayka

Lisa Ferrel
My Fingers Fly

Megan Meyer
Left in Knots

Miranda Heslop
Crazy4Crochet Momma

Nicole Mansfield
Cloud Nine Knots

Petra Konijn
Squarepig Crochet

Randie Dodman
Rebecca Page

Rebecca Davis
Pawsome Crochet

Sarah Prather
Sarah Dee Crochet

Sarah Forest
Twig Berry Studio

Shehla Ahmed
The Blue Elephants

Sonja Hood
Knot Yourself Out

Stacey Garrett
901 by Stacey

Wendy Smalley
Drunken Aunt Wendy

Ashley Harvell
1614 Made

Make these fun projects & More!

Over $1,000 in value

Just $59!



On April 5th you will receive the first email with links to your classes. The link will go live at 9am EST (New York), but you will receive the email before that! Each day you will get an email, but the link will be the same as day one if you want to bookmark! 

We’ll send a few emails before the summit with supplies, teacher info, etc – If you unsubscribe to any of our emails, we will NOT be able to send you an email during the summit and you will not be able to access the event. Add to your address book to make sure you receive your emails!

The Free Access only gives you access to watch the classes on the day, during the summit. Make sure to get your VIP All Access Pass to turn that 1 day of classes into 365, plus get three EXCLUSIVE Bonus classes!

The 2021 Quilting Summit was held online from April 5th – 9th. While the Summit may be over, you can still access all of the classes & patterns from the summit by upgrading to a VIP All Access Pass! Relive every minute of the summit for only $59.

In order to reach the global maker community, the 2021 Crochet Summit is held online. Once you register, you will get an email each day of the event with links to the classes. Our instructors are from all around the world!

Anyone can attend the 2021 Crochet Summit during the live event for FREE! To ensure makers around the world have the opportunity to take class, each day’s classes will be posted for 24 hours after they launch.

Can’t attend during the live sessions? Check out our VIP All Access Pass which gives you a full year of access to the Summit for only $59!

Our FREE pass will allow you access during the live event (April 5th – 9th). Each day’s classes will be live for 24 hours.

If you would like to access replays of the event, our VIP All Access Pass includes all of the Summit classes for one year. If you are unable to attend on the days of the classes, the $59 VIP All Access Pass is ideal. That’s roughly $1.50 per class for an entire year of classes!

The VIP All Access Pass is perfect for people who want more flexibility or want a little more time to practice the skills. For $59, you will get access to the full Summit for a full year. Stream as often as you like, at anytime! Plus, you’ll receive some additional Exclusive VIP bonuses!

With over 40 classes in the Crochet Summit, the VIP All Access Pass is only $1.50 per class for an entire year of classes.

Rebecca Page holds summits throughout the year on a variety of craft genres. The 2021 Crochet Summit is dedicated to crochet techniques. You’ll learn to make amigurumi, fun fashion, home decor, and more!

Class lengths vary based on the subject matter, but most classes are between 30-60 minutes. We have segmented the classes into smaller pieces to make it easier to re-watch segments while you crochet.

Each day of the Summit, an email will be sent to all registered attendees with a link for that day’s classes. Log-in to your account and you will be able to participate in that day’s classes. During the Summit, each day’s classes will be available for 24 hours.

Want to access classes after the summit plus exclusive benefits? Check out our VIP All Access Pass.

Each class will have a basic list of supplies highlighted on the class page. You will also need some crochet basics like scissors, crochet hooks, etc. Because this is a Crochet summit, you will need yarn to complete the projects.

You are registered for the Free Summit from April 5th – 9th!

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Over $1,000 in value

Just $59!


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