Felt Animal Masks Tutorial

Every kidlet needs animal masks for playtime dress up fun... woodland (fox and fawn) or fantasy (dragon and unicorn) adventures await!This is a super easy animal masks tutorial - you can sew them, or even just glue them together!

Felt Animal Masks Tutorial

I’m excited to share with you all this super easy tutorial for making felt animal masks. Plus you can find a free pattern for the four masks shown here. My kids loved them and had fun galloping around the house…I may have joined in the fun!

Felt Animal Masks Tutorial

Felt Animal Masks Tutorial

Two of the patterns are woodland creatures — a fawn and a fox. You could add a cute bow to the deer, or some little antlers if you wanted to change it up a bit.

Felt Animal Masks Tutorial

Felt Animal Masks Tutorial

The other two patterns are a unicorn and a dragon. The unicorn can easily be made into a horse by omitting the horn. You could really make these your own by switching up the colors. One of the fun things about these is the ability to experiment.

So let’s get down to the tutorial.


What You Need:

  • Felt in the colors you prefer for your animal
  • Fusible Web/Iron-on Adhesive
  • Ribbon or elastic
  • Matching thread (optional)

You’ll also need to download the pattern pieces …


Note – the pattern is  in PDF format. You’ll need the free Adobe Reader, or a similar program installed on to open it. Make sure to print it at 100% (no scaling) to get an accurately sized mask. There is a 1 inch square on the first page you can measure to check you’ve printed it at 100%.


Getting Started:

To start print out your pattern pieces. Make sure you print them at 100% and check the 1″ square to be sure they printed the correct size.

Cut out all of the pieces and trace them onto the smooth side of your fusible web, grouping them by color.

Felt Mask Tutorial

Cut around each color group and iron onto your felt. Check your iron settings aren’t too hot for your felt. I ironed on a cotton setting and had no problem. Also be sure to read the directions for your particular fusible web to be sure you are doing it correctly. One last note is to be sure that you are tracing and cutting out mirror images for items that go on both sides of the face like the whiskers on the fox.

Felt Animal Masks Tutorial

Cut out your felt pieces, peel off the backing from the fusible web and iron them onto the main mask piece one by one.

Felt Animal Masks Tutorial

After you have ironed on all of the pieces, trace your main pattern pieces onto a piece of felt and cut out. You do not need fusible web on this pieces since it is already on the back of your other main piece.

Felt Animal Masks Tutorial

Cut a piece of ribbon to fit around your child’s head. I cut my ribbon to 38″. Place it down across the center of your pattern.

Felt Animal Masks Tutorial

Peel the backing off your main pattern piece and iron it onto the back piece, layering the ribbon between the pieces. Cut out the eyes, trim around the mask if any stray parts are showing.

Felt Animal Masks

If your ribbon will fray, fold the ends back 1/4″ and then a 1/4″ again and then sew close to the fold.

Felt Animal Mask Tutorial

The last step is optional, but I feel it gives it a more professional look. With matching thread, topstitch along your pattern pieces using a longer straight stitch. I set my length to 3. This also helps hold everything together.

And that’s it you’re done! We would love to see your versions. Show them off on the Rebecca Page Sewing Facebook page!


4 thoughts on “Felt Animal Masks Tutorial

  1. thegildedbutterflyblog says:

    I love these! Very excited about making some woodland creature masks for my sons upcoming birthday, thought they would make fun props and would also be fun for kiddos to take home and play with later too! I’m not big on party favors but I do like a good excuse to craft and I know the little would love these for much longer than a day.

    I am hesitant to download because it requires a credit card, even though its free.

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi thegildedbutterflyblog! Thank you 🙂 I’m so glad you like them. Re downloading the tutorial, you don’t need a credit card. It is a free tutorial so you can just follow through the checkout process and it won’t ask for any payment or card details. If you are also wanting to purchase another tutorial or pattern that is a paid one, it will ask you to pay via paypal (not via credit card on this website). Hope you enjoy the masks! Do post back and show us what you make!

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