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From toys to skirts… pattern weights to wristlet bags… infinity scarfs to party dresses, you get them all!

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Free patterns

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What is You.Make.Now… and how do I get all these free patterns?

You.Make.Now is a world first.

An online sewing pattern subscription where you use the instructions online.

It tracks your progress through every pattern. Knows where you got up to last time. Anticipates what you need next.

You can sew more. Learn more. Be more creative.

Enjoy your hobby the way you want.


Everything You Need To Know:

That sounds amazing! How does it work?

  1. Sign up for your Free You.Make.Now membership
  2. Log into your membership and browse the patterns
  3. Pick which one you want to start with and click ‘START PROJECT’
  4. Download and print the pattern pieces as normal
  5. Scroll through instructions right there on your screen!

As you flick through each step, the membership will save where you are up to. So if you stop sewing for the day, when you start again tomorrow, it picks up right where you left off.

Working on multiple projects at once? No worries. You can jump in and out of as many patterns as you like and it’ll save where you are up to in each of them.

What are the most popular free patterns in the membership?

Our members LOVE how many sewing patterns are included in the free membership. Here are the top 10 as ranked by members!

Free pattern - Toronto Tee

1. Toronto Tee

Free patterns - Unicorn Pillow

2. Unicorn Pillow

Free patterns - Face Masks

3. Face Masks

circle skirt pattern

4. Betty Circle Skirt

5. Pattern Weights

Free pattern - Felt Animal Masks

6. Felt Animal Masks

Free pattern - Paris Party Dress

7. Paris Party Dress

Free patterns - Roxy wristlet

8. Roxy Wristlet

Free patterns - Hooded Towels

9. Hooded Towels

Free Pattern - Phoebe Party Dress

10. Phoebe Party Dress

Get your Free You.Make.Now membership and get access to all of these free patterns and more!

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Is there a Premium option?

Yes! This free subscription includes about 35 free patterns plus adjustment tutorials.

The premium subscription includes over 420 patterns, plus the freebies and tutorials! You can check out a pattern membership comparison here.

How do I get access to my membership once I’ve signed up?

You will receive an email shortly after signing up with your membership link. The link is also in your My Account area, or you can go directly to app.rebecca-page.com and log in.

Is it possible to use patterns in the membership without wifi or internet access?

Yes!  You will need to log in, open your pattern and go into the instructions somewhere WITH internet. But once the pattern is  loaded, that’s all the internet you need. So long as you keep the screen open, you can go somewhere WITHOUT internet and carry on clicking through the instructions!

This sounds great but I’m used to PDFs. Can I still download a copy of the pattern?

Instructions – All of the pattern instructions are loaded directly into the platform and are not downloadable. Think of it like Netflix. You have unlimited access to movies/series while you are a Netflix member. This is the same. As a premium member you have exclusive unlimited access to use as many patterns and instructions as you like, however just like Netflix, you are streaming them. They are all online only (not downloadable).

Pattern pieces – The files containing the pattern pieces formatted for US, A4 and A0 are just like a normal PDF. There is a ‘download pattern pieces’ button inside each pattern. You simply click it and the pattern pieces download as a PDF. Then you print using Adobe Reader and assemble them as normal.