Make the Look: Embroidered Dress

Make the Look:

Needle and Thread Embroidered Dress

Make the Look:

Needle and Thread Embroidered Dress

embroidered lace dress from needled and thread

Image from Needle & Thread Women’s Natural Honesty Ballerina Dress

Finally…it’s time to go out and enjoy the spring!

It’s been a long, cold winter in the UK, so it’s a huge relief that COVID restrictions are being lifted. The shops are open and, at last, we’re allowed outside to eat and drink at restaurants and pubs. It’s the right time to get the sewing machine out to whip up a pretty spring dress for my daughter, Nina, to wear!

One of the great things about being able to sew is taking inspiration from a designer label and recreating my own version (with the help of Rebecca Page patterns of course)! Nina loves this dress from Needle and Thread, but with a $500 price tag, it’s outside of her budget.

I made Nina a Dora Dress last year, and because it’s a perfect and flattering fit, I decided to use the skirt pattern, matched with the bodice pattern from the Dress to Jumpsuit Conversion, which is less structured than the Dora Bodice.

I found a beautiful, embroidered tulle on Etsy for the bargain price of $6.49 per meter. I planned to team this up with a pale ‘blush pink’ soft cotton underneath the tulle. On arrival, my online order was not as pale as I anticipated, but the brighter shade-matched nicely with the greens and pinks of the embroidery.

Dora Dress Pattern
Dress to Jumpsuit Conversion Pattern

The Dress to Jumpsuit Conversion sewing pattern bodice is an easy sew, with the most difficult part being the overlay of the tulle. I carefully pinned this in place and stay stitched it, before constructing the bodice and lining.

I gathered together two layers of the unembroidered section of tulle (from the edge) and inserted this in the front neckline. I then used the sleeve pattern from the Dress to Jumpsuit Conversion pattern, extending the length of the arch so that the sleeves could be gathered and inserted.

I’m a fan of hand sewing the bodice lining to the zip and waist – It takes a little longer, but always a lovely finish.

And who wouldn’t feel the joy of spring wearing this pretty dress? Even better, the cost of the fabric and zip came in at under $30 – now that’s a bargain!

I’d love to see your embroidered dress hacks by sharing them in the Rebecca Page Sewing Group on Facebook or my tagging #rebeccapage on Instagram! Until next time,

Janine xoxo

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