New Pattern Perfect For Halloween & Beyond – Introducing Capetastic

Introducing Capetastic… the cape that can be anything you want it to be!

This pattern includes a step-by-step basic cape pattern with hood, as well as full pattern pieces and instructions on how to turn it into a feathered bird.

There’s a coloring page so you can plan your cape… Plus a modifications section at the back of the pattern with over 34 modification ideas for how you can turn your basic cape into nearly any creature!

It’s a perfect dress up costume for Halloween, Easter or any other special occasion… or a fun fancy dress outfit to have around for everyday play!

Your cape fabric needs to be woven. The edging on the feathers isn’t finished so they will be easiest in a fabric that doesn’t fray such as felt, however you could use whatever you like – leather, vinyl, fur! Serger/ overlocker NOT required.

Modifications ideas included – Antennae, Applique, Bat ridges, Cheeks / face shapes, Ears, Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Eye shapes, Fabric choices, Feather decorations, Feather patterns, Feather sizes, Feather shapes, Fin, Head piece, Horn, Knight grill, Lace, Length of cape, Mane / hair, No feathers, No hood, Nose, Painted eyes, Reversible, Ruffles, Scales, Shaping of hem, Spikes, Tail, Tail feathers, Teeth, Whiskers, Wrist fastening covers.

Children’s sizes newborn to age 12 years. And oh my goodness…. there’s an adult pattern in sizes XS to XL too. Now the whole family can dress up together <3 Whoop!

Get yours now at Capetastic Bundle


————– Here’s what some of our testers had to say ————–


“It’s a pattern which you will use again and again because it is so adaptable.  You can make it into whatever you like; it will go wherever your imagination takes you. I like the fact you can make this pattern as complex and dramatic as you like, but even in its simplest form it’s a very pretty item of clothing. It was also a very quick sew which is perfect for when I have the inevitable last minute ‘Mum I need a costume for tomorrow’!” – Amy Myers,

“It is the solid bones of a great creative garment. I love the creativity it allowed. The wing dimensions were wide enough to allow for full “wings” but don’t overwhelm my child. The hood is loose enough that it is comfortable to pull on and off.” – Pam Allen,

“This pattern has endless options, you are only limited by your imagination! The colouring pages give children a terrific sense of creation right from the start of the process. They can have as little or as much input into the design as they like.” – Carly Crocos,

“It is very versatile, easy to follow, and offers a stunning finished product! It can be created in the most simple of ways or fancied up to the nines for a production…. it is an absolute must-have for creative minds!” – Lauren Sisk,

“It seems like a lot of work but it comes together surprisingly quickly! And looks so fantastic in the end!” – Chloe Moffitt

“This is a great pattern to get with Halloween coming up. It’s a good pattern to exercise your creativity – whatever you can think of your child could be. My son couldn’t decide between a fox and a shark so we decided to go with both. This pattern is also easy to sew up if you’re into last minute costumes.” – Kyrsten Sanders

“Go for it! It’s easy and fun plus the kids will play with it all year! I like that it’s simple to put together, has so many possibilities, and comfortable for the child to wear and play with.” – Crystal McGraye

“The sky is the limit with the cape-tastic pattern! From owls and birds to dinosaurs and mice, this pattern can guide you to create fabulous dress up pieces for your kids. Use the pattern as is or go off track and make it your own. Let your kids help pick fabrics and colors. It’s a great grow with me piece. This is a truly fun pattern.” – Jennifer Lichak,

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