November 2018 Blog Tour

Rebecca Page November 2018 Blog Tour: Comfy Town

Welcome to Comfy Town (the place to be)…This is where the sewing blog tour starts!

Join us as we travel through a series of awesome blogs on sewing for total comfort! Your guides for this adventure will be a selection of extremely talented (and insanely lovely!) RP brand ambassadors, who will be showing you just how to be wonderfully comfortable with RP patterns.

We also have a theme song:

? Gotta make a move to a town that’s right for me..
A town to keep me snugglin’
Keep me cuddlin’ with all things comfy
Well, I sew about it, sew about it
sew about it, sew about it..
Post about, Post about
Post about comfy!
Gotta read on (x3)
Won’t you take me to Comfy Town (x8)?
And repeat!
Rebecca Page November 2018 Blog Tour

Please visit all the stops on the Rebecca Page Comfy Town Blog Tour. Remember to comment on the blogs each day and enter the giveaway posts in our Facebook group for a chance to win some RP prizes!

  1. Monday, November 26: Rebecca Page (Intro), bigflynotions, Stitched by Jennie
  2. Tuesday, November 27: Ropp OriginalsFlaxfield Sewing
  3. Wednesday, November 28: Simply KyraSeams Sew Lo
  4. Thursday, November 29: Seams Like StyleSixth Snow
  5. Friday, November 30: The Sewing UnicornPatchWitch
  6. Saturday, December 1: Sarcastic SewistBellephantPrincesse et Tresors
  7. Sunday, December 2: Liviality, Soul Fed on Thread

19 thoughts on “November 2018 Blog Tour

  1. Dawn Tilsley says:

    Waiting for waistband elastic to finish one Christmas gift. Another already done but… it very wrong that I want to keep it for myself? Your blog has prompted a pan of Gluhwein on the stove, thank you x

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