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Get access to 42 Sewing Summit 2022 classes from world-renowned teachers with the VIP All Access Pass!

  • Anytime access to all 42 Sewing Summit classes from the Sewing Summit 2022 plus 3 VIP-exclusive classes
  • 25x downloadable, print-at-home PDF patterns from the classes
  • Unlimited replays
  • Learn from expert speakers
  • Watch when suits you best

Class Schedule

MONDAY, January 31st
  1. Activewear Sewing Skills by Sara Correia
  2. Tips and Tricks for Sewing Swim by Stephanie Troemel
  3. Stripey Table Toppers by Nicki Hibbits
  4. Cuffs and Collars Masterclass by Mark Francis
  5. Scaling the Tower Placket! by Andrew Myles
  6. Crazy Plant Lady Plant Covers by Kylie Gersekowski
  7. Mastering the Invisible Zip by Lisa Falconer
  8. How to Sew an Everyday Tote Bag by Lisa Gay
  9. The Wanderer Skirt – A Free High-Low Knit Skirt for Adults + Kids! by Katy McKinley
  1. Chess & Tic-Tac-Toe Game Bag by Agnes Bobak
  2. Baker Boy Hat by Mark Francis
  3. My Vida La Frida Tote – Part 1 by Michelle Morris
  4. The Lanyos Tanya Tote and Makeup Pouch by Linda Maki
  5. O O or o o – How to adjust for YOUR Bust by Stephanie Troemel
  6. Moroccan-Style Storage Ottoman by Tori James
  7. Bag Making Basics: Adding Open Top Pockets by Amelia Keating
  8. How to Make a Pillow with Tucks and Applique by Victoria Martinez Azaro
  1. Self Drafted Shirred Dress by Shaina Mack
  2. The Casual Welt by Andrew Myles
  3. How to Sew an Oversized Bucket Tote Bag by Beth Wood
  4. Sleeve Pattern Manipulation by Elise Chase-Sinclair
  5. Tips for Sewing with Vintage Patterns – Revisiting the 1960s to ’90s by Patricia Parsons
  6. Sewing Mini Pencil Skirt with a Ruffled Hem – Part 1 by Tino Motloung
  7. Sewing Dreamy Opera Gloves with Love Lee Sewing by Amanda Arguellez
  8. Inserting an Invisible Zipper by Rebecca Oburotha
  9. My Vida La Frida Tote – Part 2 by Michelle Morris
THURSDAY, February 3rd
  1. Sewing a Clutch with a Twist by Connie Marie Lusto
  2. Bag Making Basics: Adding Zipper Pockets by Amelia Keating
  3. Appliqued and Embellished Cushion by Sarah Laws
  4. How to Cut and Sew I Can Fly Top by Ifeoma Nwokoye
  5. The Lanyos Luxe Laptop Case by Linda Maki
  6. Ruffled Yoke Blouse – Mccalls 7977 by Tracey Williamson
  7. Sewing Mini Pencil Skirt with a Ruffled Hem – Part 2 by Tino Motloung
  8. Couture Sewing: Making a Chanel Inspired Skirt Part 1 by Katherine Harris
  9. The Roxy Wristlet Jean Hack by Michelle Morris
FRIDAY, february 4th
  1. Bound Button Hole Masterclass by Rebecca Oburotha
  2. How to Make a Swayback Adjustment on a Bodice of a Dress by Josie Magoola
  3. Sewing a Twist Tank with Love Lee Sewing by Amanda Arguellez
  4. Folded Fabric Pouch by Kim Burley Jones
  5. Learn to Sew Wristwarmers by Elise Chase-Sinclair
  6. Cheeky Panty Hack by Stephanie Troemel
  7. Couture Sewing: Making a Chanel Inspired Skirt Part 2 by Katherine Harris
VIP Bonus Classes
  1. Pockets Masterclass by Mark Francis
  2. Dangling Leaf Fabric Earrings by Michelle Morris
  3. Sewing Machine Cover by Nicki Hibbits

“This sewing summit was the best. I would get the all access so you can go back it you need a refresher or just want to watch again. Well worth the cost for sure.Veronica Marler