? I’m Singing in the Rain(coat) ?

This raincoat sewing pattern has me singing in the rain ? The Andie Anorak is a modern take on a classic and something every wardrobe needs!

Introducing the Andie Anorak! This raincoat sewing pattern has me singing in the rain ?… and everywhere else!

This is a modern take on a classic, and something every wardrobe needs! Come rain or shine, the Andie has you covered!

The Andie Anorak is so much more than just a rain coat; with all the different options available the possibilities are endless. Yes, you could make it up in a waterproof fabric such as nylon or PUL, or you can make up a gorgeous winter coat in a warm and toasty woven fabric, or a light and breezy summer coat in a lovely linen.

The Andie Anorak can be made from nearly any medium-weight woven fabric with a bit of structure such as tweed, denim, and heavy cotton. The lining should be light- to medium-weight fabrics such as cotton.  If you use a fabric with a print or nap such as velvet, remember to cut all pieces in the same direction and to allow extra fabric for this. Remember to use the right fabric such as PUL, nylon, goretex, softshell, or ripstop and an all-weather sealant to create 100% waterproof garment.

I’m planning to go full traditional with mine! All the bells and whistles will adorn this beauty! I have my eye on the most deliciously gorgeous canary yellow fabric that will make the most perfectly iconic rain slick!

Have a look at what the testers pulled out of their super-sewing hats here: ANDIE ANORAK



P.S. I’d move to a perpetually rainy country if it meant rocking one of these raincoats on the regular!

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