Upgrade Your Intimates This Spring

Upgrade Your Intimates

Upgrade Your Intimates

This Spring

I’ve been doing a lot of Spring cleaning lately as the weather starts warming and the end of lockdown in the UK is in sight! Pagelets beware, I’m leaving no closet or drawer unturned!

While the Pagelets were busy with their studies, I ventured into my lingerie drawer and was amazed to find loads of long-forgotten or ill-fitting intimates. After rummaging through the drawer I realized that I only had a few items worth keeping. The launch of our new Shapewear Pattern already had me wanting to sew quality handmade intimates for myself, but with the extra space in my drawer, I knew it was now a necessity to upgrade my intimates. 

To prevent doing this upgrade again next year, I wanted to be thoughtful and only make lingerie and shapewear that I would use regularly. So I made the rule that anything I made had to serve as the proper foundation for at least two or more of my handmade wardrobe items. I wasn’t going to allow myself to make intimates that would not give the proper shape and silhouette for my wardrobe!

With my rules in place, I was ready for the fun to begin! I pulled some dresses out of my closet, like my new Classic Dress and the Penelope Pencil Dress that thrive with structure. For those lovely bust darts to hit at the perfect place, a nice underwire bra like the Bianca Bra would do perfectly! 

A classic dress for every occasion! Sew this iconic style with your favorite wovens in sizes XXS to 5XL and 12 months to 12 years.
Classic Dress Pattern
Penelope Dress Pattern

The Bianca Bra provides full coverage with optional foam padding to provide a gentle lift with amazing support. The bra features a back hook and eye closure, adjustable straps, underwires, and an optional power bar and side stays to ensure that it fits perfectly and gives the shape and support you need! The best part is that the bra comes in sizes 28AA-48M!

Bianca Bra Pattern

Next, I pulled out my Serenity Infinity Dresses and I knew that I needed to make a pair of full-coverage, high waist, shorts from our Shapewear pattern to go with it. I love the Serenity Infinity Dresses. Matching this dress with the high waist shorts option provides the perfect smoothing support that will make the Serenity shine. 

Serenity Infinity Pattern
Peggy Skirt Pattern
Shapewear Pattern

I’m also planning to wear my¬†high waist Shapewear shorts¬†with my¬†Peggy Pencil Skirts¬†for a smooth silhouette from the waist down.¬†

I’m planning to make another pair of Shapewear, and this time I’ll make it in a mid-waist, briefs style perfect for wearing under my Jo Jeans¬†and¬†Slim Fit Cargos for a nice waist-thinning look.¬†

Jo Jeans Pattern
Slim Fit Cargos Pattern

Since I’ve decided to remove all uncomfortable underwear from my life, I’m planning to sew a week’s worth of¬†Basic Underwear¬†in different colors and options. The¬†Basic Underwear¬†pattern comes with loads of options so it won’t be hard to make multiple pairs for different outfits. The¬†Basic Underwear pattern comes with three rise options, options for picot, fold over, and fully enclosed elastic, plus optional tummy support.¬†

Basic Underwear Pattern
Lingerie Wash Bag Pattern

The final necessity to my spring intimates upgrade is having the perfect lingerie wash bag. The Lingerie Wash Bag pattern comes in three sizes so you can wash all of your new lingerie without fear of snagging or stretching. For tips on cleaning all of your new intimates, see my blog post about how to care for delicates. 

Nothing is more essential than having quality handmade intimates to wear under your me-made wardrobe! Now is the perfect time to upgrade your intimates. If all Spring cleaning resulted in sewing, I’d have the motivation to keep my house perfectly organized all year round!

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